Washbasin top

Washbasin top made with an acrylic stone slab, with a moulded shape whereby the basin overhangs from the top, complete with front profile and rear upstand.
The oval shaped basin, in a central position, has rounded corners and is without sharp edges, with the drain hole at the centre and with overflow hole.

• Wall-mounted installation
• “Thermoformed” top with integrated overhanging basin
• Central basin
• Basin capacity 9.5 litres
• Basin equipped with “overflow” hole
• The item has resting surfaces on the sides of the basin

CE marking
Alpine white


Additional information The item does not feature shelves. They must be requested separately.
For other colours or specific customisations, contact the Ponte Giulio technical department.
To equip the basin with the “overflow” hole, the specific option must be requested.
Washbasin top