Watch this demonstration video by a professional Occupational Therapist.

How to select a grab bar

Grab bars are the most economical safety product. Anyone, young or old, can fall in the bathroom because it is a slippery, wet environment. Installing grab bars can help prevent slips, trips and falls. Think of grab bars as the “seat belt” of the bathroom – designed to keep you safe if you ever need it.

Ponte Giulio’s Vinyl Coated Grab Bars are anti-microbial, due to the BioCote® Silver Ion technology in the vinyl that reduces microbes, bacteria and fungi up to 99.9%, making the grab bar much more hygienic.

Today we introduce our Contractor and Maxima Series Vinyl Coated Grab Bars which, besides being anti-microbial, are soft and warm to the touch and easy to clean: just wipe with warm water using a soft cloth and the grab bars are clean. In addition, the vinyl coating provides a superior non-slip grip that is like sneakers on a gym floor.Maxima and Contractor are SUPERIOR safety products.

For more information see our general catalog page 44 to page 65

We thank Occupational Therapist (OT) and social media influencer Lindsay DeLong for demonstrating our product’s features and function in her YouTube video. If you would like to see more of Lindsay’s videos, you can find them on YouTube at EquipMeOT.