Vinyl Coated Grab Bars and Safe Shower’s flyers

Two new Flyers to discover how to increase bathroom’s safety

Ponte Giulio Usa is please to introduce two new flyers, realized to underline the importance of Safety for a best life in Houses, Hotels or Public Areas.

Comfort and Accessibility improvement depends on several aspects: Physical and Mental Characteristics, Age and Health problems will determine what the best solutions could be.Ponte Giulio, since its foundation, has always designed and created Solutions for a safer and more comfortable Bathroom. Not only for bathrooms: but Kitchens, Exteriors, Public spaces too.

Today we introduce the last two flyers Ponte Giulio Usa has realized to make people understand the importance of Safety in all areas.

The first one is about Vinyl Coated Grab Bars, which help to keep every bathroom more hygienic. Vinyl has Silver Ion Technology that provides anti-microbial protection against bacteria, fungi and microbes. They are warmer and softer to touch and so they are better for people who suffer with Neuropathy pain in their hands. They are designer too because they are available in many colors: white, ivory, biscuit, light gray and black.

The second is about Eternal Shower Slide Set. Each Set includes: Stainless Steel Shower Slide Bar, Sliding Install Brackets, Shower Head and Hand Shower Head Holder. Eternal Slide Bar acts as both a Shower Slide Column and a Support Bar, at the same time. Ideal for anyone looking for an elegant shower slide and needing a sturdy support.