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Safety is what we need most to have the best life: since its foundation, Ponte Giulio has always been involved in the development of new solutions for a safer and more comfortable bathroom.

Comfort and accessibility improvement depends on several aspects: physical and mental characteristics, age and health problems will determine what the best solutions could be.

It's all a matter of fully understanding what a person's specific problems are, then identifying the right support that can make him/her feel safer.

For instance, neuropathy affects nerves in finger and hands, making people more sensitive to touch and temperature. This is not a detail to be underestimated: how to make these people feeling comfortable and safer? Ponte Giulio recommends vinyl grab bar for this kind of situations: their warm and soft coating make the touch more pleasant, even for these people.

Vinyl Coating grab bars helps people with neuropathy

Neuropathy patien care leaflet

ADA Commercial Shower Seats for private and public bath

Commercial Shower Seats leaflet

Folding bars

Folding grab bar leaflet