Folding grab bars antibacterial and inclusive

Folding Grab Bars: When Little Details Make a Big Difference

Ponte Giulio has studied different option to create these unique grab bars

Ponte Giulio has been designing and manufacturing folding grab bars for decades and that experience shows in the little details incorporated into them.

This care and desire to market high quality products is reflected in the anti-microbial properties, incorporated into the vinyl of the grab bars, which is able to reduce 99.9% of bacteria, microbes and fungi.

Folding Grab Bars are available in three different lengths 24", 28" and 34", to accommodate a variety of location situations, and guarantee more open space in the bathroom.

Ponte Giulio has studied different option to realize unique grab bars. The Folding and Rotating Grab Bars, for example, allow people who use them to fold up them and then when in the upright position, the grab bar will rotate either left or right so it lays flat against the wall.

These grab bars have been designed not to break and are backed up with the Ponte Giulio lifetime warranty.
Another example of unique and functional Ponte Giulio’s grab bar is the Stainless Steel Locking Support, created specifically for when someone needs help pulling themselves up from a seated position. This unique grab bar is 17½" wide and 12" deep, folds up or down for storage and easily locks in place with a pin: it is designed for pulling and lowering.

It can be very useful installed in different parts of the bathroom: if mounted across from the toilet can be used to pull up from sitting or lower onto the toilet; in the shower it guarantees to never rust due to Stainless Steel construction. It can also be mounted behind the toilet for stabilization while standing. Another use for this grab bar is to mount in a location that allows the caregiver to use for their balance support while helping someone.

Ponte Giulio’s folding and rotating grab bars increase safety in every area of the bathroom and are the ideal product for a limited space toilet or bathroom areas.

Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail”.
Leonardo da Vinci