Maniglie rivestite in vinile

Ponte Giulio’s Signature Product

Ponte Giulio was the first to introduce vinyl coated grabs to the market in 1991, changing the bathroom industry forever.

The decision to use vinyl as a grab bar coating was a result of needing a seamless, jointless grab bar option. The vinyl coating allowed us to create a seamless shape, while offering a soft and warm to the touch product option to the most vulnerable of users.

seamless grab bar graphic concept

Ponte giulio seamless Grab Bar

No seams or joints between the two fixing elements.

modular grab bar graphic concept

Other Manufacturers, jointed grab bar

Joints between curved and straight part of the grab bar

Vinyl is extremely versatile; It’s material features and extreme ductility allow for a multitude of applications and product processes. Vinyl can be used for extrusion, injection molding, rotational molding and all other thermoplastic processes. It’s versatility and durability made for an easy adoption within our product offering.

Antibacterial material for safe bathroom

Thanks to the use of plasticizers and stabilizers, vinyl can be transformed into rigid or flexible products, allowing a wide range of applications.
Vinyl is impermeable to liquids, gases and vapors. This feature makes it particularly suitable for packaging food and medical products.
Vinyl is stable and inert. This is particularly important for applications where hygiene is priority, such as hospitals and nursing homes.
Vinyl products are exceptionally durable, with a lifespan of 15-100+ years.
Along with insulating properties, vinyl coated products have a high resistance to fire and chemical agents. These qualities make for great use in the industrial and commercial industries
Low Cost
Excellent cost/performance ratio. Ponte Giulio vinyl coated options can be comparable in price to industry standard stainless steel products.
Low energy consumption and low environmental impact.

Over time we have improved the chemical composition of our vinyl coating, making it even more eco-friendly and hygienic. The composition updates have allowed the coating to be antimicrobial and biocompatible for the life of the product.

Unique characteristics of Ponte Giulio’s vinyl

Warm Touch

Ponte Giulio’s vinyl coating immediately reflects the heat from your hand, back to your hand, providing a warm to the touch surface.


Ponte Giulio’s vinyl is biocompatible, making it safe for continuous human touch.


Ponte Giulio’s vinyl coating incorporates silver ions at the time of manufacture, reducing bacteria up to 99.9%.


Ponte Giulio vinyl coating offers a superior non-slip surface in both wet and drive environments. The technology is similar to a sneaker halting on a gymnasium floor.

Light Resistant

Ponte Giulio’s vinyl has demonstrated excellent resistance to light. Tested at level 5 after exposure to Xenon lamp for 20 hours.

Flame Resistant

Ponte Giulio’s vinyl is self-extinguishing, and is in ‘Class V0 Flame Resistant’ per UL94.

Electrically Insulated

Ponte Giulio’s 2.5mm thick vinyl was subjected to 1 minute of sinusoidal voltage of 6000V, at a temperature of 75.2°F and ambient humidity of 35%, without causing any electric discharge.

Thermal Shock Resistant

Ponte Giulio’s vinyl coating integrity was not compromised following a test alternating temperature between 185°F and 53°F.

Certified quality

What TÜV Certification?

TÜV SÜD is an accredited testing institute that tests all types of safety aides. A TÜV certification is therefore an independent methodical review of a product and its documentation according to a proven method and in compliance with EU standards.

TÜV SÜD institute trademark

We test our products as part of the development process, but we are also very proud to have obtained certification from the German test laboratory TÜV SÜD. Our grab bars and supports are certified by TÜV.

About Biocote

BioCote® is a producer of antimicrobial additives. With over twenty years of experience, it is a world leading antimicrobial solutions provider and collaborates with companies around the world to develop products that are more hygienic and protected from the negative effects of bacteria, mold and some viruses.

BioCote company trademark

For a decade Ponte Giulio and BioCote® have been collaborating to implement the chemical technologies necessary to ensure adequate antibacterial protection on the products.  More on Biocote


At the end of its life, the vinyl coating can be recovered and reused, i.e. recycled.

recyclable symbol

One of Ponte Giulio’s top priorities is lessening environmental impact, this includes our vinyl coating and all raw materials.
Attention to the environment is one of Ponte Giulio’s priorities. This care is also pursued through a careful selection of raw materials that must be mainly recyclable.

Vinyl coated product lines

Ponte Giulio offers two vinyl coated product lines. Maxima Series and Contractor Series are both suitable for commercial and residential application.

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