Ponte Giulio: embracing 2018 for the most brilliant year yet

The company also has new information material ready, as well as the new HUG collection

A 2018 full of hugs. This is Ponte Giulio's promise, and we will be ready to launch the new hug collection on the market in the first few months of 2018, as well as presenting a new catalogue and new price list. The hug project has marked a real turning point for the company, which has moved away from the pure concept of functionality and safety, by adding decor and style. The new collection, with its grab rails, seats, shower trays, furniture, shelves and sinks, has not only welcomed a new year, but also a new age for the company.

"We have given shape and colour to our need for change" - says Ponte Giulio - " These products, in addition to their primary function, can become something more. The grab rails are now elegant furnishings and accessories thanks to the shelves and trays that are incorporated into the design, and the seats, in their series, that become a precious part of the furniture in the house, thanks also to the contribution of Designer Daniele Trebbi".

The hug revolution is mainly in materials and colours. New tones: aubergine, copper and lime, coral and graphite, grey dotted and red dotted for the new collections such as red shelves on red dotted grab bars and silk grey furniture. Red coral or graphite gray seats on grey or red dots, with pure white furniture, copper or lime framework with grey or red seats and mid blue furniture. Finally, the mineral composite is the new material, with which the sinks and shower trays are made. It is a dolomitic stone combined with polymerized resin, which homogeneously mixed with pigment and quartz particles gives the final finish. The union between dolomite and elastic resin gives the compound durability and resistance. Mineral Composite can be produced in almost all colours and shapes and its surface can reflect the natural appearance of wood, rock and sand.

The new year will also bring information material for Ponte Giulio, who have completed the production of a new catalogue and price list. Two fundamental documents for the company, complete with new graphics.

"We are, in this new chapter of history for Ponte Giulio", explains the company, "trying to meet the needs of our customers even more, with appealing products and furniture, and a more streamlined catalogue for easier consultation for our retailers. Hug fits well into this pathway of modernity, a line designed in every detail, like its name, which evokes union, family and care. Values that are typical of our company, which has been aiming to give new life to the bathroom area, making it welcoming, easy to use and suitable for everyone, with beautiful shapes and furnishings for over forty years. In one word, hug. "

Ponte Giulio for a 2018 of comfort and style.