Folding shower seats, HUG series

Seats with a personal style and technical solutions that make them suitable for both private and professional use.

Showering is certainly a pleasant and revitalising action and it would definitely be enhanced if it was done by sitting down. After all, the risk of falling while standing on a slippery surface, like a shower tray, is run by anyone, no matter the age and agility.

With the "Hug" collection, Ponte Giulio proposes a unique shower seat that has been developed in collaboration with designer Daniele Trebbi. The seat distinguishes itself for its personal style and is endowed with excellent technical and stylistic features that make it suitable for both private and professional use.

Shower seat hug collection


The shower seat has been designed to meet different needs but also to be dynamic and be complemented with additional options based on needs and style requirements. This is why a backrest with or without armrests can be added, even at a later stage.

Modular shower seat


The white colour is a must-have that adapts to endless styles and tastes. The grey colour is perfect for those seeking an unconventional contrast. Red is intended for those seeking new inspirations.

hug collection shower seat colours
Shower seat in closed position

Wall anchorage

The shower seat of the "Hug" collection meets any installation requirement. Two different installation options are available. One by means of a fixed plate, and one that allows the seat to be removed when not needed.

Often in hospitality environments, having the possibility to offer an additional service, such as a removable shower seat for those customers who need it, is a helpful solution and an appreciated touch from guests.

removable shower seat HUG

Hug collection
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Folding seat
Folding seat
Removable and folding seat
Removable and folding seat