Stools and chairs in the Hug Collection

Both products are characterized by a personal style and a technical-stylistic innovation that makes them suitable for both private and professional use.

Anyone, regardless of age, gender or ability can sit comfortably during their daily routine of, for example, rinsing their face, taking a shower or getting reading for a bath. Ponte Giulio offers two interesting products in the hug collection: a chair and a stool, developed by the internal technical office in collaboration with the designer Daniele Trebbi. The two products are characterized with a personal style and technical and stylistic innovation, making them suitable for both private and professional use. Both need to be assembled, which is quick and easy because they are made up of 6 screws for the stool and 9 screws for the chair.

chair and stool frame

The chair and the stool have a similar framework, as the legs are made of curved stainless steel tubes - AISI 304 - 26.9mm in diameter. The feet, made of ABS, are equipped with non-slip rubber and are height adjustable. The back of the chair is made of high density polyurethane, while the anchorage structure to the seat is made of stainless steel AISI304.

chair and stool seat structure

The seat, identical for both the chair and the stool, is made of high- density polyurethane, has a surface area that includes an extremely effective narrow opening for use in the shower because it allows the water to run away off the surface, thus preventing the surface becoming slippery. Inside the seat there is a stainless steel plate that guarantees rigidity and mechanical resistance.

Ease of movement of the seats

Both the seat and the stool are equipped with a slot that provides an easy grip for lifting and moving it around easily. This is made even easier as these items are light weight.

Why Chose a Seat of the HUG Collection

  • Available in up to 15 different colour combinations.

  • Practical and useful because they can also be used outside the bathroom.

  • The chairs with the backrest equipped with small armrests is comfortable.

  • The stool and chairs can also be used inside the shower.

  • The seat offers an easy grip of the central hole.

  • The stool and the chairs have adjustable feet, equipped with non-slip rubber.

  • The structure guarantees a considerable rigidity

Hug Collection
Seat and stool

Chair with backrest equipped with armrests
Chair with backrest equipped with armrests