Vinyl coated grab bar and seats

The Ponte Giulio grab bars offer for healthcare facilities, aims at providing high quality, very long lasting products, to improve and protect the life, wellbeing and privacy of users and care givers. BIM models are also available for many of the products.
These are the main features, common to our signature grab bar lines, Tubocolor and Urban People:
- Soft and warm-to-the-touch;
- Non slippery;
- Biocompatible;
- Built-in BioCote® antimicrobial protection;
- Wide choice of colours;
- TÜV certification for weight load resistance up to 150 Kgs.

PVC, i.e. polyvinyl chloride, composed of salt, oil and natural gas, is one of the most common and used plastic materials in the world because of its great versatility. Through various production phases, it is possible to obtain flexible or rigid products. PVC has good mechanical properties, resistance to abrasion, wear and ageing, chemical agents and attack by fungi and bacteria, it is a light, water-repellent, hardly inflammable and self-extinguishing material.
Aware of the quality and uniqueness of this raw material, Ponte Giulio has contributed to synthesize a PVC that reduces, or eliminates, any risk for man and the environment; the vinyl used to coat Ponte Giulio's handles includes among its characteristics:
- use of trimellitated plasticizers, and others with similar characteristics, not classified as dangerous;
- use of calcium and zinc based stabilizers;
- stabilization and staining without the adoption of heavy metals;
- use of additives for antibacterial protection throughout the life of the product.

It can therefore be said that the vinyl used by Ponte Giulio does not contain substances dangerous to health

Ponte Giulio offers accessories and accessories for the handles, shower and bathtub seats, stools and benches with structures covered in vinyl that are:
- Biocompatible;
- Built-in BioCote® antimicrobial protection;
- Friction system that prevents the folding seat from free-falling when lifted;
- Easy to clean, nylon slats;
- Weight load resistance up to 150 kg;