Grab bars multiple uses

Discover Multiple Uses for Ponte Giulio Grab Bars

They can be used as a railing, to assist at any step,in the bathroom or even to make exercise safer

Grab bars are an efficient support for creating safe movements and to provide stability throughout the home. They are very versatile and can be adapted for many situations. Especially Ponte Giulio’s grab bars. Grab bars can be used as a railing, to assist at any step, to create a comfortable shower and bathroom or to even make exercise easier at home.

An example of the versatility of grab bars comes from our customer in the Washington D.C. area. He has designed and built a new accessible bathroom for his mother on the main level of her home. And to make his mother’s stairs safer, he requested a custom 72 ¼” length vinyl coated grab bar. Mounted on the wood banister, this grab bar is serving as a second railing making the stairs much safer. While maintaining a similar look to the original railing, the Ponte Giulio grab bar (railing) offers a superior non-slip grip and also provides anti-microbial protection which will help maintain a more hygienic home.

Another one of our customers in Wisconsin has chosen to install Vinyl Coated grab bars on the brick outside of their home to assist visitors and family as they step up or down from the porch. Other outside placements include near entryway steps from the garage into the house. Or outside on a porch to provide an assist for people who need help walking or balancing, shown in these photos the assist bar is being used to help a woman balance as she exercises and stretches.

Grab bar are very important to make the shower area safer: In Italy, Ponte Giulio has chosen to integrate grab bars into the beautiful SOLO shower column, for the European market.
A good and efficient grab bar has to tick several boxes:

  • it has to be strong with a load capacity to support an adult

  • it needs an exceptional grip

  • it has to be pleasant to the touch

  • Ithasbehygienic and easy to clean

As we have demonstrated, grab bars can be more than a bathroom safe aid: they can be used in multiple locations to solve many problems and they are also a beautiful accessory for every home.