Ponte Giulio’s new price list, for safe bathrooms

Ponte Giulio's price list: 21 and 22 are the two essential numbers

Starting from July, the new Price List n. 21, edition 2022.

The realization of the new price has been focused on the idea of simplicity, to make it easier and more intuitive for customers, designers, sales agents and retailers.

It is written with the font Monotalic, which allows a clear distinction between numbers and letters, fundamental for better identifying the article codes. To maximize the consultation, two flaps are provided on the cover, which show the colors choices and the features of the products: once "opened" they are always visible at the time of consultation. Finally, for the HUG collection and the SOLO line, specific indexes are provided, to facilitate the identification of the articles.

The cover allows to understand the subdivision of the document by easily mentioning the key areas of Ponte Giulio’s offer: Safety design, Life Caring design, Kids design. In the Price List there is also a part dedicated to Healthcare design.

Even the description of the products is simple: the section of with-depth information disappears and all the useful information can now be found on the product pages, so the reader can easily find what he/she is looking for. The addition of a description by "key points" completes the list of new features that characterize the document.

This price list is environmentally friendly too. Ponte Giulio has always been attentive to the protection and respect of the planet and only a limited number of hard copies will be printed, encouraging the use of and download of soft copies directly from our website, where additional, in-depth information about all products is also accessible.

The two key issues of the document are 21 and 22. The first is the issue number, that is the one available from July and that is on line at this web address. and is the twenty-first price list and 22 is the year of its creation.

Enjoy reading this new book, browse through our products, our values and our world. We look forward to seeing you again in two years with two more focal numbers: 22 and 24!